Gangnam, located in among Seoul’s most contemporary and wealthy neighbourhoods, boasts a number of the greatest restaurants, pubs, and nightlife. If you need to party and experience all contemporary Korean society provides, here is the spot to be.

Andaz Seoul Gangnam, the city’s newest hotel, has teamed with local lifestyle companies to provide you a genuine experience of this bustling area. Tamburins, an area perfume manufacturer that provided a multisensory experience for guests, produced a trademark smell for the hotel’s public spaces.
1. Food

Gangnam Hyper Public Room, with its abundance of restaurants and pubs, is one of the city’s greatest alternatives for those desperate to sample contemporary Korean food in Seoul. 강남하드룸 -class chefs provide a range of delicacies that are complemented by cool beverages and breathtaking views of bustling Gangnam.

In their artwork, “Going Fluid: The Cosmetic Protocols of Gangnam,” Common Accounts examines the body-designing agents and urban protocols of Seoul’s plastic surgery business. It includes a replica of an alkaline hydrolysis apparatus on display (an artificially produced human disposition).

It’s easy to get carried away in this hyper-modern and lively sector of the town, as you’ll quickly discover. Staying in Gangnam gives you usage of everything you need to enjoy the town, from exquisite cuisine to crazy nightlife.
2. Drink

The bar is really a sophisticated affair with a well-curated wine list and a rotating selection of premium beers on tap. The cocktail menu is similarly remarkable, with a number of inventive creations to please any boozehound.

강남야구장 is a must-see and a terrific spot to relax. With floor-to-ceiling windows and a sensational night-time view of the town, you’ll swiftly become one with the look. The hotel offers an enormous lobby and an amazing collection of well-designed rooms. Whether you are considering a place to get a business meeting, a marriage, or just a soothing beverage with a view, Andaz Seoul Gangnam has you covered. Its ideal location is only a few steps from Hongdae’s nightlife stalwart, Club Octagon. A nearby is really a bustle of activity and a must-see for those who likely to see Seoul. In addition, it houses among the country’s most recognizable monuments, Cheonggyeonggung Palace.
3. Music

PSY’s “Gangnam Style” has left an everlasting mark on the worldwide music landscape. It has broken through numerous boundaries, both cultural and societal. 강남풀싸롱 has been dubbed a “force for global peace,” in fact it is estimated that billions of views have been produced on YouTube.

Following the incredible success of “Gangnam Style,” the South Korean rapper released “Gentleman,” a summer dance floor standard. It’s an uplifting, catchy song with a similar tempo and lyrical structure as its predecessor. Yet, it lacks a number of the sarcasm and self-deprecating comedy that made “Gangnam Style” so popular. Still, it’s a fantastic way to start the summer. It is also a must-listen for each music fan! Take a look in the video below! Go Gangnam style! Don’t forget to pick up some stickers. So you’ll always have a little bit of “Gangnam” with you irrespective of where you travel!
4. Recreation

The quantity of friendship demonstrated by visitors and employees alike is one of the most pleasurable areas of this bar. This is an uncommon treat in a hotel lobby, and visitors might take benefit of it with free beverages and refreshments, and also an outstanding variety of high-end games and puzzles to help keep them engaged late into the night. With regards to the accommodation, the hotel features 241 contemporary and elegant guest rooms and suites to select from, which have floor-to-ceiling windows with unrivaled views of downtown Seoul.


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